Jul 9, 2009

Ivy's Day Off, Photo Cut Outs

I got a little bored yesterday, and nostalgic... which ended in my digging through boxes of old photos and cutting out key parts of the photograph. Sorry mom.

Photo taken from an Anagram/Metz show sometime last year.. 2 years ago?

Walking to school in N.O.T.L, 2000 ** Given to my mom for her birthday, Sept. 2009**

My mom with her fancy hair and earrings

Old Kitchen of My Youth

Cut out kitty's name is Oscar. He is very fat.
Whirlwind Heat, many moons gone by.
Zoobombs, less moons gone by.
Cut out bunny's name was Fred. She was a girl.

A glow in the dark star that was on my bedroom ceiling for much longer than it was cool.

I believe this was a photo of Ryan from Thunderbirds Are Now!