Jul 15, 2009

RIP Michal Majewski

I don't quite know what to write.I'm still shocked to hear of Majewski's passing. He was a great friend to everyone he knew; he was simply awesome. He was a fiercely talented guy, and you may have seen his work adorning the posters of tons of shows. Check out some of his workHERE. He was a totally fun guy all around. He once ran weaving in and out of a packed Poster Show crowd just to lean in and yell "Hi!!" to me while bouncing back and forth. He loved what he did. He was one of the most decent Oshawa dudes I ever met.

Michal passed last Sunday while hiking in Squamish, BC. He had been camping. This article has more details. My thoughts and heart go out to his family and all his friends.

He will be missed.