Aug 5, 2009



  • Cafe Worker Bee/ Coffee Specialist
  • Week old avocado, I am no guacamole chef
  • the Garbage Stench of Toronto 2009

  • Freelance Photographer job at a Downtown Ad Agency!
  • Adventures in California ( pray I don't get lost in the Redwood Forest)
  • Modest Mouse/ Built to Spill/ Jesus Lizard / Butthole Surfers Coming to Toronto
A couple weeks ago the deadly awesome Beth and Jen of the City of Detroit came up to our 'fair' city for poutine, Fireball,and fortune tellers...among more important matters. This was the night we really let loose and bought 30 dollars worth of junk at the corner store to mix our devil cocktails in...


Aminda and Jen

Aminda, David, and Some Damn Chick

Soon I will exactly 3 times the amount of time to spend doing anything ( waterfalls! roadtrips!), and to get some quality time in with Darlene.