Sep 7, 2009

Mutters, Box Elders, Ty Segall, Mantles, Final Fantasy Turns 30

I don't get lazy (ha ha), I just get busy as shit. 2 New jobs, house guests and the last remaining summer hours are everything right about now. Wait, it's cold out again.

Something You Should Watch: my friends Lullabye Arkestra's 10.o video for 'We Fuck The Night'. Check me out, getting all bit up...

Something You Should Look At: Roomie/Buddy/ Cat Lover Aminda Wood does the Double Chin. You can really picture the lisp that goes along with that chick.

Something You Should Not Read: Fan-fiction. Of any kind. Not even when its 5 am and you've been up since the day before and you've been reading archaic anglo saxon books and all you want is something ridiculous to take the edge away because if you try blindly to understand one more line of Beowulf you feel like you'll end your life by eating your brain with a melon baller....but I would recommend THIS gem. Taken from the newspaper of the town where I grew up. Almost worth the trip down to the falls to potentially see some of the girls I went to High School with competing for ( hopefully) a Golden Breast Award....

Quote That Actually Happened 2 Minutes Ago:
"Collisions chips are the best thing in the world but Canada doesn't have the Guacamole chips down. Thats something you have to go to Buffalo for. Like ' Do you have anything to declare?' " Yes, a case of guacamole chips, dude. " Matt Bourassa, Prophet/Roommate/Pizza For Life'r.

What I Did ( and What, for some reason, most of Toronto did not do): MUTTERS/BOX ELDERS @ Sneaks

The Mutters
Box Elders

Everyone's a Photographer

What I Did ( Again, for some reason Toronto was weird and didn't come out..Josh V even made it out and apparently he was in the hospital and using a meter stick as a cane): TY SEGALL/ MANTLES @ Sneaks

Ty Segall (click like this)
Side Note: Sneaks has potentially the ugliest sound blankets ever

Mantles ( like this click)


So a week ago or so I got a job working for BlogTO.. these are a few of the photos I took for my first review...I'll be doing more for those guys coming up, I've just been 100% busy lately...


Final Fantasy

Sometimes All Ages shows can be cute

Wyrd Visions

Domaine D'Or

Slim Twig

Diamond Rings

The Magic

Wow... you read the entire post. Good work. I award you a Golden Breast, also known as a Goldie Hawn.

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