Sep 25, 2009

Kids On TV + Diamond Rings

Another BlogTO review. check'r out.
i 100% love Diamond Rings. it's like a cupcake with rainbow filling surrounded by the most delightful elves blowing glitter from their eyes.
kids on tv are like an aids wolf you can/want to listen to.

i am so fucking bored right now it burns. take note: being broke makes you so bored it burns, somehow. and photo passes falling through, that too burns. not the same though. so here i am, friday night, turing into one of those pathetic " my life burns" bloggers.

Albums of ze Night: Kittens "Bazooka and the Hustler", Melvins "Stoner Witch", The Avengers " We Are The One", and because i'm home alone (aaaaaaaahhhh) Blue Hawaii by Elvis. yeah, i really did just link to the wikipedia page on elvis. take that, you.

movie of the night: fletch.

that is all.