Dec 29, 2009

D'Urbervilles and Great Bloomers/ Top 10 Toronto Bands of 2009

This will in effect be the 2nd day in a row i have gone to sleep at 6am. Last night/ day? it was because I got home from the Holy Cobra's show at 2am and realized I had to write the Best Toronto Bands of 2009 article for BlogTO. You cant spell procrastination without 'pro'. so bla bla and this and that, i wish i could have inlcuded a ton more bands on that list, and honestly after the show i just witnessed, i kind of wish i could move things around a bit and add the D'urbervilles. They're just plain the best. Just really. And the Bloomers to, those guys are all real fun and super talented. Dig it. Check out the BlogTO top 10 thing HERE, and check out the review of the show HERE

This photographer is so damn adorable, if you know his name or are him, let me know!