Apr 12, 2010

Henry and June Reunion Show; Coming back from Memphis?

at Frankies ( Toledo, Ohio)

In case you aren't in the know, a bit of back history-

Henry and June were a band born out of the Ohio grime in the mid 90's by 4 friends. The band consisted of:
Jimmy Danger
and the Good Doctor Johnny Walker.

Both Jimmy and Dooley are part of Maumee's spaced out blues band Boogaloosa Prayer, and Ben and Johnny went on to form the Soledad Brothers.

They only ever put out one 45, Goin' Back To Memphis on Human Fly, of which 300 copies are floating around..somewhere. The one album they sort of released a few years ago was a mix of 15 year old recordings and some live tracks. By far the best songs on that CD-R are Drunk, Turd on the Run, and Train I Ride.

Goin' Back To Memphis was arguably made famous by the White Stripes when they played it on Conan O'Brien in 2003. As Jimmy Danger put it, " a lot of bands out there have done this song, but nobody does it quite like us." Well and aptly put.

If you get me drinking, and I have access to music, you'll inevitably hear at least 2 Soledads songs and hear me talk about their live shows . They were my favorite band in high school, and I remember thinking how rad it'd be if i ever got to see Henry and June.


Mark Porkchop Holder of Chattanooga, Tennessee opened, he's really talented and I couldnt for the life of me figure out what it was he was using to drum with. One of the most captivating solo acts I've seen since BBQ.

Danny Kroha, who you may remember from a band called The Gories ( also the Rocket 455 and the Demolition Doll Rods as well) played second. Oh an part way through his set a dude on the harmonica jumped on stage...so basically the whole show was filled with awesome talent.

The one and only Henry & June. This show was, without hyperbole, one of the top 5 shows I'll ever see. Language fails to describe how much fun it was. It was more than a feeling, if you get my drift.

Warms the heart...

I assure you there are more photos but there's only room for so many here folks.

Thanks to TJ, Eddie,and Augie for the rides and Carl, Logan & Emily for being cool.