May 30, 2010

Anagram for Pitter Patter Fest

-never play Fish anymore
-Still haven't released the album
-Have some seriously catchy new songs

They're a great band and all that, but seeing Matt Mason pace the floor with a beer in his hand makes me think of all those pristine looking and yet broken wildcats and primates in the Toronto Zoo ( or any zoo, really), who are really awesome to look at and to want to take care of, but in the end they're a caged animal and you get to go home after the show.Anagram is a band best experienced at house parties..or anything lacking basic structure.

This show was for the Pitter Patter Festival, run by the wildly enthusiastic Keith Hamilton. Keith also plays in the Diableros, one of Toronto's ever present indie acts of the past...6 years or so? Would that I could have gotten some photos of them.

With a little help from Keith