Jun 20, 2010

NXNE DAY TREE...THREE: Mannequin Men, The D"Urbervilles QUINTRON!!!!, Strange Boys

I do not want to write anything so why am I writing anything?

Quintron is a babe.
The D'Urbervilles are so awesome.
Mannequin Men were really fun, and I think I saw them at SXSW?
Strange Boys don't need my praise.

I will not discuss Iggy and the Stooges. We all know it ruled so hard that it made up for the shitty venue.

Mannequin Men, recommended by a reliable source, liked by me.

La la la love this band. (The D'Urbervilles, you imp.)

Quintron is better than everything else. He patented like 3 different inventions! He IS the motherfucking overlord!

Strange Boys, 3rd night of the ...3 nights they played at Silver Dollar