Sep 4, 2010

Little Richard w/ Bambi Kino; The Greenhornes: NYC

Just got home and I wish I could have stayed longer!
Incredible weekend trip away. Great times with great people. I have been awake for 36 hours now. The Greenhornes were even better this time around! Most of the night is lost in haze of gin and dark whiskey. It was a good night.

Little Richard called me "legs"! ( My mom was impressed upon learning this.) That was the best random experience of my adult life. I just picked a venue at random ( the Bowery Electric, great place), and Bambi Kino was playing ( members of Nada Surf, Cat Power, Guided By Voices, Maplewood), in the middle of the first set ( they played 3, I had to leave after 2) doesn't Little Richard come up and sing Long Tall Sally for the bass player's birthday. I realize the word " epic" is thrown around so much now it's almost completely worthless, but that WAS epic.

Off to Quest For Fire's album release now.

Bambi Kino w/ Little Richard

The Thing in Brooklyn, where vinyl goes to die

The Greenhornes! ( not my best work, but what do want- the venue had bastard lighting.)

CUTE BOY! ( this was me trying to be 'stealth' and take his photo while not moving/lifting the camera. He ran away to some other thing before I could tell him he was the cutest boy I'd seen all day.

I'll be back real soon, ya hear?