Oct 4, 2010

SCION GARAGE FEST w/ Many Bands That Made Me Dance

Garage Fest was without a doubt, the most fun weekend getaway I've experienced in too long:

Seeing 2 chicks loose their marbles over Teenanger was so great, also Melissa's strap breaking and forcing her into a "real rock moment" was also so great. Danny Kroha is a great slow dancer FYI. Cabs do not exist at 4am in downtown Lawrence. House parties get crazy packed.

The Spits play a pre-festival show where everyone drinks pricey cognac because it's an open bar and Mick Collins is DJing. Greg Cartwright plays at an extensively cool record store. A dude in a wheelchair crowd surfs to the Oblivians. I miss Thee Oh Sees AND Human Eye because sometime around 8pm my body goes into cruise control and takes over, forcing me to spend 15 bucks on pasta and beer ( then my brain kicks in and I smuggled it out of the restaurant).

I borrow a few beers from The Greenhornes/ Raveonettes ( Thanks guys!!) and high five a girl who just peed behind a dumpster. There is a homeless man playing Nirvana covers and absolutely positively no convenience stores at all anywhere.

Greg Cartwright at what I think was Replay Records

Mick Collins DJing the Spits show

The Spits

Timmy Vulgar says HI

Jon + Andrew

Dan + Jack + Jon ( + Steve in the TV)

Ryan + Dan ( Switching hotels)

White Wires


The Lamps

The Ponys

The Greenhornes

King Khan & The Shrines

Gino Washington

The Oblivians

Danny Kroha

Best Dude

Hamilton kid ( Sorry for leaving you behind when the van came!)

Super 100% Thanks go out to Dan and Ryan for being upstanding guys and totally awesome about me snoring. Also thanks to Dan for not letting me walk down the middle of the highway.