Nov 15, 2010

Let's Just Move to California PART THREE

All these photos were taken in and around L.A ( OCT 10-14); in the desert while being shown around by Vicki Blue, and in Laguna Beach on Ty/Vicki's suggestion. We saw Joshua Tree, The Salton Sea and the land of eternal windmills. The next day we also got to meet her 3 horses. They're a little bit adorable, I dunno, you decide. Tara and Ivy's Excellent Adventure ended in Laguna, on a non touristy beach called Victoria. The ocean tried to eat me and I sliced many fingers trying to open a beer with a lighter. Skills?

Stoned + Punk Radio + Midnight = Driving Through the Hollywood Hills

Windmill Land

Joshua Tree

The Salton Sea

Victory's horses!

Sunset in Laguna

Oh hi. I'm Ivy, You must be fantastically wealthy?