Dec 30, 2010

Do Make Say Think w/ Neon Windbreaker, Pick A Piper

Do Makes: Toronto favorite, best, and most talented instrumental orchestral sonic awakening.
More of an "experience" than a typical "show", the band is textual and diverse, and I would totally recommend the purchase of any/all of their albums ( & Yes & Yes, for example).

On a side note, who the hell hasn't heard about the miracle product deodorant yet? There were so many unnecessary gut wrenching body odors coming off the crowd that night. I'm not wrong.

And speaking of smells, and things that smell- Neon Windbreaker, right? I'm seriously just kidding, I actually in all seriousness really like the band, for some reason Shehzaad just brings out the bitch- nay, the Shehzaad in me. It was my first time seeing them and I can't wait for the 2nd...

There also were 2 other bands that played the show, but I didn't care for them, so there aren't any pictures. Sorry!


Neon Windbreaker

Pick A Piper

Do Make Say Think

(Thee Mighty Justin Small)