Feb 14, 2011


Lordy lordy, how I love me my Henry & June! From the band that brought us such classics as 'Turd on the Run', and ' Goin' Back to Memphis' ( remember... that song the White Stripes covered a few times?), comes the fantastic record "Then & Now", which is a double album consisting of a reissue of sorts of their early 1990's recordings and also a live recording of their reunion show in Toledo, Ohio last April.

The album features many photos by yours truly, and is basically incredible! Buy it over at Danger Limited Records.

The show in Detroit this weekend past was loud, raucous, and most of all FUN with a capital F for Fucking. James Leg ( the dude from Black Diamond Heavies) and Danny Kroha (of that wee band the Gories/ Demolition Doll Rods) blistered the crowd into a feeding frenzy. Danny played a diddly-bow that was made with a paint can attached to the end! What? Yeah! Thee best!

I love love love Henry & June and am extremely proud to be a part of the new record! Check it out - or come over to my place and I'll play it for you over some brews and such.

James Leg

Love ya Danny Kroha!

Henry & June!!

ALSO: I stayed an extra day in the D to hang with Jen D and Lesley Di P. Jen and I attended one of Lesley's informative, creative, and seriously awesome metal working classes where we casted rings out of Cuttlefish bones. The grain on those fish bones looks like psychedlic wood and smells like pure ass. Here's some photos of us being real, and a couple of Lesley being rad.


And for good measure, here's a picture of one of the most badass cowboys this side of the Mason-Dixon Line, The One/Only T.J Grech of Ferndale.