Nov 27, 2011

HEAVY CREAM + THEE OH SEES ( en Detroit) !!!

If only ALL of our lives would be spent just doing the Watusi. I love and am in love with HEAVY CREAM and the foxy women therein ( and Seth too!). They're Southern ( From Nashville!), they rock a lot, they know how to drank and tell about it, PLUS they bust heavy jams. This show was at The Shop. We drank out back afterwards and in a bar after that. Cannae wait to see them again real soon - I hope! Also playing this show was Voodoo Trash ( sorry dudes what's your actual real name now?), and First Base!

I think it's fairly well known that I think THEE OH SEES are one of the best live bands in North America right now. So it should come as no surprise that I headed to Detroit last week to see them annihilate the Lager House in downtown D. Apart from some minor internal bleeding and a frigged up elbow, I escaped that overcrowded pit unscathed. It was epic. "I Was Denied" IS my jam.

↓ Voodoo Trash, First Base


← Oh Hey Dudes!


←Julian + Dan / T.J