Jan 31, 2012

2012: 1 down, 11 to go

This January I released my Yearbook, in case you didn't know. Check out what NOW! had to say about it. Resonacity, Alan Cross, and AV Club Toronto all spoke some words about it too. If you want to see what my brain looks like, come check out the permanent instillation in The Shop, where my best work from 2011 is plastered on the walls. Upstairs I have a gallery show featuring 12 of the best photographs. It will be up until February's bitter end.

Much thanks to Mark Pesci, Hayden Menzies, Aminda Wood, Ryan Halpenny, Chrinine dont-know-yr-lastname, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple other people, for helping put all the photos up. Much love to all the bands that played too.

← mum, Aminda, TJ
← Alex + Non Stop Girls

Here's some pictures I took for Melissa of her somewhat recently opened, incroyable hand-picked vintage store, Chosen. Which I love.

Castor Design launched their new line last weekend at Parts and Labor. They threw a free show with Cut Flowers ( Andre + Andrew of the Deadly Snakes + Chaaaz), Teenanger and METZ. It was beyond nuts. It's common knowledge that I love both Metz and Teenanger, and those dudes were all super tight on Saturday. Oh, yeah I broke my nose too.
← Cut Flowers
←Cody Baby!


Lastly, here's a couple photos from the recent Smith Westerns show at the Horseshoe.

Thats it. Let's all go to Austin Psych Fest, ok?