Oct 25, 2009

All Caps on the Islands

note: the lack of caps in this entry.

these are a little old, but I just went through an 'off' week and took some time. Also, started to watch Carl Sagan's cosmos (again. i saw it around the time he died in 1996) in it's entirety. Did you know it's possible to see what the shadow of a cube in the 4th dimension looks like, even though we can't see what the 4th dimension looks like? I'm not even kidding! Carl rules. Watch these... (30 MINUTES LATER EDIT: it's called a hypercube!! this is what i was taking about...)

oh yeah, the photos... the first band ( i saw) was wicked, they played at the apparently severely haunted lighthouse.i can't remember their name though. brian borcherdt was, as usual, quietly awesome. great bloomers were super fun to, and i liked the acoustic set... congrats on speak of trouble album guys!