Oct 15, 2009

Holiday in Harvey

I absolutely love going home for the holidays ever since my parents moved from the cold sore of Ontario (Niagara Falls) to a small little township outside Bobcaygeon a few years ago. Anytime this city gets to be just a bit too much I can disappear for a day or however long my mom can stand me. 20+ acres of backwoods forest and an insane amount of adorable forest animals to keep me occupied. Like the Red Fox who's more like a dog to my dad. Or the baby raccoon we've raised for the past few months when his family was lost. One day.... ONE day I will see one of the (apparently) many bears that live on our property and be able to snag a picture of it. Even if i have to sacrifice a couple liters of blood to get it... The nearest hospital's only an hour and a bit away...The giant Wolf Spiders can frak off though.

Around the bend on the Fire Route
Younger sisters Heather (chicken hat) and Holly ( redhead)
View from our waterfront, Nichol's Cove
wicked puddle on some weird back road
This is Boo Bear, one of the ferrets
Pa n' Ma
aforementioned raccoon
Ma n' Me