Nov 5, 2009

Let's Set Up North On Fire: the SAW love story

Sailboats Are White just got back together after about 2 years, and I hear that Turbo II might be getting an actual release...they played a ton of new shit which was pretty boggling, and great. Way to put the past behind ya, boys.

Check out the BlogTO review by clicking THIS word. Make sure to read the comment where some dude tells me what to write in my reviews. I didn't like the headlining band and my mother taught me early on that if i don't have anything goddamn nice to say not to say anything at all.

Personal highlight of this show: Aminda and I telling Matt that he's cute. awesome roommate team, and i can't wait for another winter of firelogs and pizza specials and C horror movie parties.
Drink of the night: Shirley Temples ( Kevin D)

PS: someone buy me a new record player ( hi mom)