Nov 7, 2009


Last night it was Bastard Child Death Cult's release show for their new album Year Zero. Comebuy a copy from Sonic Boom... or HMV i guess. Anyways the show last night, right. I spent over an hour on the fucking TTC going from Davenport and Dufferin to Dundas and Bathurst. AN HOUR. Which is why i missed the ever mighty Crux of Aux ( which may or may not have been Matt's last show with them.. which would be a damn shame), but hey at least I got there with enough time to see Joel Bath take his shirt off. BCDC have a new guitar player who mostly slays and the new album is pretty wicked.

Shit- I must apologize. I'm working on this epic headache. Groceries should buy themselves by now. I ended up at Derek's ( Grasshopper, 10000 Watt Head) place with Matt (Crux of Aux, Sailboats Are White) and Tara after ordering last call drinks over the phone and almost being suffocated at Sweaty Betty's. Crusher of a night.

Oh and tonight's the staff anniversary party at work. Live young.

Burning Love was ridiculous last night. Chris Colohan is the most brutal singer in Toronto. I mean Cursed?.. C'mon. Hands down. They did a cover of Nick Cave's version of Jack The Ripper that blew my mind... I'm not being sarcastic or whatever, seriously. Awesome guitar solo where the background vocal dudes are up in there.( sorry, i'm editing this post hours after i wrote it and i'm pretty stoned. haha whatever.) It's gonna be the B side of their new single. 100% Yes.

Burning Love

Bastard Child Death Cult

Grasshopper's Apt.

"...Did you hear me? Steely Dan is playing 2 nights in a row at Massey Hall. Aja. Front to back. FRONT to BACK. Fuck Jesus Lizard. Fuck Devo. It's all about Steely Dan." -Matt Bourassa, beer/ classic rock enthusiast