Nov 23, 2009

Reigning Sound √

Jesus, this is the 3rd post in one day, and I have another one i wanna get up to. Ever heard of managing your time effectively? yeah me neither. I'll get some rest in March when it's SXSW time again.

Anyways, Reigning Sound. Greg from the Oblivians other band, right. I was really impressed with the turnout at the Horseshoe on a Sunday. Sorry Wavelength. So much soul in that band. It's like Issac Hayes courting Garage Punk.

'Bad Man' by the Oblivians might have been the highlight of my night. I cant remember though. Which is going to make writing a review for work a little harder. Shit. I KNEW i should have done that when I got home last night.

I was too busy listening to THIS on repeat.