Dec 5, 2009

Pizza, Pot, and Placidity (King Khan & BBQ)

SO i just sat down for the first time in 11 days in my own house, with a delicious slice of pizza ( slathered in delicious bbq sauce), a couple new records a friend in the delicious town of Detroit sent me. I was house sitting/ cat sitting for a couple friends while they were on tour ( Do you Make, Say or Think?), so I've kind of been in limbo for awhile. They have an amazing metal record collection. And no windows in their place. Kind of like light deprivation.

SO i'm involved in this art show thing thats going on tomorrow. It's an art/pot party. As in: come, smoke, smoke more, look at my art, look at others people art, talk ( or don't,whatever), and smoke. It's going on at the Kindred Cafe ( which is at like Breadlebane and Yonge st... kind of in between Carlton and Wellesely), and theres a ton of other wicked artists in on it to. Like David Waldman ( who, coinidentally, is also showing a few pieces at the Whippersnapper right now... for awhile...and I thumbs-up it totally), Aminda Wood, Derek Burton, Maria Gernega, and Nigel Tremeer... to name a few (6).... You should come. Because I mean really, come on. Yeah.

SO here's some photos from the King Khan and BBQ Show show last night night. Check out the BlogTO review HERE. Oh and in the review i say something like go to your local record store to get the new record, but what i really wanted to say was COME TO SONIC BOOM, who knows, i might give you a wink and a smile along with the purchase. No hanky, I'm a solid Lady.
Kids these days....

Lucky Lucky Lucky... she could have been walking home with no shoes.
Bloodshot Bill is exactly who I'd want to sleep with in the 50's.

SO yeah. uhm, anything else? Think Lovell, think. New Years plans, anyone? If I hadn't found THIS online ( which therefore means it's already way way too accessible), I would 100% be getting it tattooed somewhere on me. Maybe above the candy bats. Am i honestly discussing a tattoo I might get? Hell. I'm going to sleep. In my own bed. Thats currently covered in my own laundry and my very own cell phone bills ( thats right, pluralize that bitch).