Nov 7, 2009


I repeat- Today is Carl Sagan Day. The first offical one. Not like everyday isn't though. If you know anything about me the one thing to know is that I have an incredible love of everything to do with science. But as with any half half-wit my interest in physics is matched only my my lack of really comprehending it. Anyways Dr. Sagan was an incredible man who changed the way everyday people think about the universe and our place in it.

If youre up for some quality 1970's PBS television, I would really recommend watching Cosmos. If you're up for the read, the book that accompanies the series is tops.

The lads over at Third Man Records decided that THIS was the best way to celebrate Carl's Day. Order one. (I would but I cut up my credit card after this summer's blitz and I can't find the post it where I wrote down the number for just such an emergency.)

Me?Before I head to Sonic Boom's Anniversary Party I'm having a shot for the man with the plan and finding a nice spot in High Park to check out the night sky. And shut up- that's not in the least bit lame.

Rock on Carl.