Jan 13, 2010

She's the Duchess, He's the Duke

I totally dig this band right now, and after last nights show at Sneaks, waaay more so. They were pretty rad with Modest Mouse this past...August? July?, but I LOVED the simplicity of the songs when played as a duo. Good stuff, The Duchess and The Duke..good stuff.

Kimberly's sweater filled me with mixed emotions of jealously, happiness, and a pinch of awe. there was an embroidered elephant on her rose coloured square necked gold trimmed sweater! What's not to love?!

The fight that almost broke out was hilarious and ridiculous all at once. Drunk ass chicks screaming at each other over quiet and lovely folksy rock? What. The. Fuck. Shut your damn mouth until it's over.

Medication was cool, I really like that band. And yes, I am totally crushing on the guitar player. I mean, it's well known that I have about 10, 000 crushes at any given point, but that dude just rocked his way into the top 10%.

I'm not about to write any more here, because I just spent over an hour writing the BlogTo review, so read that then.

OH! And at the show last night I met this wicked cool writer who was taking some photos for some online publication. I can't remember what it was called ( something to with an Ox?), or his name ( a reoccurring theme), BUT: if YOU are HIM, shoot me an email! ivy@ivylovell.com...i'm not missed connections-ing this or anything, but i would so go out for coffee or a pint with that guy.