Jan 31, 2010

So You Have Decided To Walk Across A Frozen Lake

I went home for my dad's 50th birthday with a record he's been looking for for the past 2 decades. After listening to it and some others several times over several drinks, I decided to trek my poor city body across the frozen expanse of Pigeon Lake ( from Nichol's Cove to Crayfish Beach, then over to our island, with a final trip to the deserted cottages. Giant Princess Leia-esque headphones are the best for keeping your ears warm, in case you were wondering. Mix CD's from an adorable boy are the best for keeping your ears from being bored, as well.**

I wore 2 coats; one for fashion, one for floating ( in case i fell through the ice, which my father assured me "probably won't happen"), 2 pairs of gloves, 2 sweaters, and yet i did NOT wear 2 pairs of pants. That ended up being a bad idea. It was almost -30 out there on the ice. For a minute I felt like I was a pioneer braving the elements just like in the olden days ( pre 1950's), and then I remembered I was holding a 2 thousand dollar camera, listening to music, and wearing anti-drowning gear. The illusion was over. But still fun!!

This is my dad's pet fox. She will eat out of his hand, and she is perfect.

The water tower way in the right hand corner of this photo is Bobcaygeon, the closest town to my parents place.

That's All Folks!!

** NOTE: "Adorable boy" is not meant to make the reader think that the adorable boy in question is a child of possibly 8 years old. Could an 8 year old do this?? No, no they could not.