Jan 23, 2010

Red Mass at the Silver Dollar/ Our Boy Roy/ Pints at the Green/Red Room

Just throwing it out there, Red Mass rules. After enduring some pretty brutal opening acts ( i liked Ostrich Tuning though, shoegaze is nice), it was oh so satisfying to see the Montreal band slap the godawful right off the stage.

Totally acceptable turnout to, considering that Career Suicide/ Useless Eaters, $100, and the D'Urbervilles we're all playing shows across town. It's 2010 goddammit, where is my matter tranporter? I wanted to be everywhere at once. And while I'm on the topic, fuck these "hover car" prototypes. GET ON IT FORD.

Side Thought: I find myself listening to the greatest hits of Dire Straights, and liking it. I kid you not. It reminds me of being about 10 years old watching the stars and moon in the backseat of my parents Buick on so many 3am drives up to the cottage. Specifically Sultans of Swing and Money For Nothing ( 10 MINUTES LATER UPDATE: and "Walk Of Life"). Roadtrippin?

Red Mass. Yes, boss. Many thumbs up. Many thanks indeed to the (possibly) one and ( hopefully) only Jon from Telephone Explosion for the sanity restoring smokes and tokes. and records. GET THIS ALBUM IT'S FAAAAAAAANTASTIC! So many bands I care about are a part of it.

The super fox Sian Llewelyn ( who is very recently bandless, help her out folks! girl needs to sing!) sang " Saturn Is For Lovers" with the guys from Red Mass, and it was pretty damn good. As in, I mean, that is, you know- great.

i didn't end up staying to the end of the show ( sorry kids) because I ran out to meet a new friend for last call at the Green Room... or the Red Room.. which one is the one at College and Spadina? I swear I'm not usually such a simpleton....though everyone at work today may have a different story to tell.. i've been a grinning space case all day. Anways, it was much fun....

And without further hee haw, here's what's matters: