Mar 13, 2010


I am in no mood to write anything right now. It's a goddamn freezing rainstorm out and I just had to haul all my gear and a weeks worth of dirty laundry from the place I've been housesitting at in Liberty Village up to my house in Blandsdowne. SUCK IT MOTHER NATURE.

Just read the little bit of fluff I wrote for BlogTO. First post in over a month! I'll have 3 more up within a couple hours, I promise. namely, the D'Urbervilles/Metz show from last night, the Magic 's show from 4am last niht ( this morning), and the lovely afternoon party show at John O and Colin Medly's apartment from yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday was a really great day. A really very great and good day. Most fun I've had in a 24 hour period in a looong time.