Mar 4, 2010

Pierced Arrows: Forever cooler than you ever thought grandparents should be.

I have nothing to say out of respect for awe inspiring this band is. But I will say one thing: Thats the best Rn'R couple I ever saw and if anyone ends up even half as happy as Toody and Cole are, rest assured that they've live a pretty fucking awesome life.

Listen to Them. And listen to Dead Moon. Righteous tunes. SO heavy.

My good friends ( and yours to) Kat and Justin of The mighty Lullabye Arkestra are going on a 2 month tour with Pierced Arrows ( Thanks Vice!), starting tonight actually in New York. As in customs passed down from elders to the impressionable and eager children of the next generation, Pierced Arrows may pass on some sonically nutritious and maybe even dark teachings to our cities finest Metal couple. I dunno, or maybe Justin will end up with a facial tattoo of thee ark's skull? In any case, I'll be checking in with those guys at SXSW, so I'll let you know.