Apr 24, 2010

Quasi Last Week at the Horseshoe ( plus UPDATES)


I have worked every day since SXSW in advertising so I can take the summer off.
I expect:
A. Waterfalling with Erica B.
B. All day park hanging in Bellwoods/High Park with various wonderful people. Wine included.
C.To get at least one sunburn regardless of the SPF level I absorb.
D. To thoroughly enjoy seeing Iggy and the Stooges for free at NXNE as part of my birthday week.

Soon enough you will be able to see all my fucking hard work on display on Front St. I'm in the middle of a project that involves updating the 60 six foot window displays on the Convention Centre for long term display. My boss at Top Drawer ( the talented Howard Chang) brought me in on the project to showcase Toronto's diversity for Toronto Tourism and The Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Currently in the middle of the project, but the end is in sight! I need to do laundry in a sad way.

Next week starting a long fashion/beauty/hair competition project as 1 of 2 photogrpahers ( the other being the brain child and my former bossman John Parkes).

Going to L.A in SEPT with Tara L.

Here are some QUASI photos! Awesome 90's band! members include: Built to Spill / Sleater Kinney alumni. Saw them recently at SXSW and it was pretty rad to see them with Liars.