May 16, 2010

The Blue Fog Experience

I wasn't the only one to comment on how this was one of the only good shows so far this month. What is going on Toronto, stop acting like it's February. ( Brutal Knights this Friday, FYI)

Wyrd Visions-Castlemusic-Andre Ethier-Chad Ross-One Hundred Dollars-Rick White.It all bled into each other, one set to the next.

Wyrd Visions is as distant as Mars.
Andre Ethier is the perfect mix between Dylan and Lou Reed.

Chad Ross' brief time onstage made me wish that Quest For Fire would play next.
Jennifer Castle always sounds so lovely.

One Hundred Dollars are obviously a great band and Simone is a fantastic singer.

Rick White. What can I say, that was practically a thrill. Really very great and good.

Some lovely people...

I am taking the summer off work to do anything i want. coming soon to a show near you?? it's entirely likely...