May 1, 2010

Teenanger ( back from tour), Tropics and Harlem

I had initially thought that I might like Harlem better on record than live. The LP's I ended up buying we're mostly ok, with a couple standout moments but really I was there to welcome home Melissa, Jon, Chris and Steve ( welcome home guys!).

Tropics were killer, the best band no one saw that night. I can't get over how Simone drums, she's got to be the best drummer in the city right now. Fucking spastic.

Wicked show, Teenanger was still in tour mode and totally killed it, despite the general toronto-ness of the crowd. By the way, their new record ( Give Me Pink) is fantastic! Check it out!




Don't you love paying for a show only to sit at the front on your blackberry telling all your friends from OCAD what a great time they aren't having?