Oct 31, 2010

The Greenhornes w/ Leopard Messiah ( RECORD RELEASE IN NEWPORT KENTUCKY)

Halloween Costume Party!

Ah, Kentucky, where you can still smoke inside and beer is half the price of Toronto bars. The Greenhornes are one of the most consistently bang-on, 100% righteous, FUN bands to see. And this show was like a high five between Zeus and a mortal. The new recordis called "****" and it rules. 4 years in the making!!

Apparently the Southgate House has 4 floors and a bell tower? Best venue. I can't imagine the sweat factor associated with playing a show in a constrictive vintage suit- but the guys certainly went all out for the Halloween season. I think only the Marie Antoinette I saw came close to beating them.

There are some really amazing record stores ( C&D Record Bar in Newport, Shake It in Cincy), and at least 1 fantastic vintage store I found called Atomic Number 10 ( which is Neon, in case you aren't up to scruff on your 10th grade science).

Leopard Messiah

The Greenhornes (vintage skellytons)

Stop Off in Detroit to pick up records/ eat snacks with T.J before his show with his Mummies cover band!