Nov 2, 2010

Fucked Up Weekend w/ Burning Love,Catl, Fun as Fuck,The Sadies, Fucked Up

I made it back from Cincinnati/Detroit well and alive (although a little shot out), and headed out for the annual installment of the Fucked Up Weekend, Halloween proper night. I doubt any photos exist of my costume, but I was a princess cowgirl spy. And it looked about as literal as you can imagine. The show was really fun! It totally made up for missing everyone's really rad/fun/scary/intricate halloween house parties/shows/ instillations/ otherworldly havoc on Devil's Night.

Burning Love drove for a day straight from Florida to get to Toronto for the show!

"Can I get less of her in my monitor...forever?" -Davey

Catl played in between sets, in the front room

"Fun As Fuck" AKA Holy Fuck members got really weird for us all

The Sadies dressed as mummies and played goddamn Mummies covers!! THE BEST

Fucked Up ( OR: the night we all saw a lot of Damien), they did a couple Nirvana covers!

Mark Pesci as Mark Pesci, Toronto Icon