Oct 18, 2010

Teenanger/ Holy Cobra's East Coast Tour KICK OFF w/ Little Girls

Did drummer Steve Sidoli take some strange hormone capsules found out behind the Oddfellows party Winnebago??? No, you silly fucker- that's Constantines drummer Doug MacGregor filling in for ol' Sildoli on this tour.

Being right smack in the middle of an extremely time consuming ( but amazing and fun!) project couldn't even keep me away from this show.

Little Girls are fantastic. Holy Cobra's are always the most fun. Teenanger are thee band. Even when Melissa plays the wrong song, and when Chaz perpetually blats the frigging smoke machine so that there's more fake smoke chemicals in the air than air.

Best show I've been to in Toronto in awhile. Terenga can be fun too!

I can't wait at all for the show in Ottawa tonight with Ty Segall! It's gonna be a rage!

Little Girls-

Holy Cobras