Oct 19, 2010

Ty Segall in Ottawa ON

Mark, Scott, Josh and I set out from Toronto at 4:30PM and arrived in Ottawa at 11:00PM. The turn-off to Ottawa should be more clearly marked, lest ye miss it and end up in Cornwall. Face-plant, boom.

As much as I would have liked to see Teenanger/Holy Cobra's again, at least we got there in time to witness the underwhelming crowd response to what was a super fun show. Charlie (from Charlie & the Moonhearts) is in the band this tour; he's a total shredder and as Chris Swimms noted at breakfast the next morning ( this morning...), he " has hair like the guy from Obituary". Apt.

Partying at Dan from Holy Cobra's place afterward was awesome, and I somehow ended up with 2 packs of Belmonts and a ton of change in my pocket the next morning. Sorry...someone?

I'm torn between recounting the absolutely dismal experience that was sleeping in the car ( with the AC on instead of the heat??) in a dirty parking lot, and trying to forget it altogether. Suffice to say- sleeping in your car in Ottawa really rains on your parade. Or pukes on your sober self. Seeing Scott drive the wrong way down 1 way streets while still drunk at 7:30am was once in lifetime ( hopefully.).

Parking Issues-

Ty Segall & Co.-

"Lotsa Confetti"-Specifically NOT fireworks!

I hope Teenanger, Holy Cobra's and everyone in the Ty Segall Camp have a right fun tour out east!!! See you guys soon!