Apr 5, 2011


The only thing that had anything to do with being 'negative' about last night's show was the METZ track, "Negative Space"...I tried pretty hard to make that statement witty, and I realize the failure of it- but, there it is.They sounded fantastic. METZ rules Toronto. And so did that new song they played! NEW SONGS MEAN NEW RECORDS.

NOMEANSNO were straight-jacket-and-padded-room style insane. SO seriously tight and talented. And those dudes are OLD. They're like a weird version of what Captain Beefheart would have thought punk "should have" been. One of the most amazing late 70's Canadian post/pre hardcore psych prog punk fucked up bands ever.

And the debate after the show between Daragh and Justin at the Vic about Dead Moon vs. Nomeansno was another highlight.



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