Jul 5, 2011

Wanda Jackson & The Strange Boys (DETROIT) - White Lung/Nu Sensae/Dentata/Pregnancy Scares

MAN, does Wanda Jackson ever have a few cartons of SASS on her. Woman is in her 70's, and still keeps up with the crowd. When she doesn't wander off and start telling stories about kissing Elvis for that matter. I was really excited to head to Detroit to shoot her, and though it was a totally different experience than when I saw her and the Third Man Band in NYC back in January, it was still awesome fun. Way more intimate.

← at The Magic Stick in Detroit June 29 2011
After Wanda, T.J and I hopped over to the Lager House to see the Strange Boys. This show was more fun than the recent one in Toronto ( sorry, hometown), I think it's because Detroit has cheaper beer.
And here we have the most recent show at the Shop, which was last night. White Lung and Nu Sensae are from Vancouver, Pregnancy Scares are from Ottawa, and Dentata is from home. All these bands were awesome last night. Nu Sensae especially. And to the dude in the Pokemon shirt, nicely done.

White Lung will be back in town on Thursday to play underneath that bridge near the park at the end of Carlton...knowwhtimean? It's gonna be wild.

← Dentata
← Pregnancy Scares
← Nu Sensae

← White Lung!