Sep 28, 2011


OK, little friends! Here's a MONSTER post! I love some VIVIAN GIRLS @ The Shop photos for ya...Some GONERFEST 8 in MEMPHIS, TN for ya.. and just a bitt uf GIRLS w/ NOBUNNY..for YA!

Gonerfest was basically the stupidest amount of fun with a stupid amount of friends since SXSW this year. Highlights for me were MIKAL GODDAMN CRONIN, Ty Segall obvs., Alarm Clocks ( who were a religious experience for me... get me to tell you the heartwarming story later), Mean Jeans, Black Sunday ( Alicja Trout from Lost Sounds), HUMAN EYE, and soooo much much more more.

I love all the ladies + Luke I drive down with and stayed with ( Allie + Emo + Kristina), and all the ladies I met down there. Chicago and SF friends were a blast to hang with, and the dudes from Mikal's band were awesome. One of them gave me a tarot card reading, just take a guess what it was about.

ALSO!! I can't believe I didn't announce this yet ( Facebook don't count for shit) but this is the most fitting time!! My good pal Ty Segall is using 5 of my photos of him and Emily + Charlie for a new release out on Goner Records, it's a compilation of all his out of print and super rad singles!!

PICK UP A COPY when it's out! Jams like 'Fuzzy Cat', 'Skin',and 'Booksmarts' are all on it! (But where's Apples???) I xoxox everything about and to do and concerning this and the band and am obviously suuuper stoked that my work is protecting Ty's work from getting dusty and scratched. LOOK CLOSE Toronto kids, you might see yourself on the back cover.

Wiffout further ado, Here's the photos!!

↓ VIVIAN GIRLS @ The Shop!!
← Note how purdy Sandy is!!

"And we'll have GONER GONER GONER til' her daddy takes the T-Bird away"
SoulFish dinners, Pizza Room Parties, Friends Forever, bands, boys, beers, ZEE BLAST!!!

← Cody + Liz n' Emo!
← Mikal Cronin ( LISTEN TO HIM)
← OBN III's friggin yeah

← Emily Rose + HELL SHOVEL
← Lukey + Allie + ?? loved em though!
← MEAN goddamn JEANS!!!!! xo

← THE GORIES + Miss Pussycat

← Mick C + Danny K
← CHEAP TIME + Peach Kelli POP xoxo
← ???
← ALL BOW AT THE FEVERISH FEET OF HUMAN EYE, for they are here to destroy

← Back home!!

NOBUNNY!!!! plus, GIRLS!!!! ( who I heard/saw for the first time ever, and really enjoyed!)