Nov 3, 2011


Let me start by saying that "whoa". Just whoa. I have the best friends around. You art all very deer to me and right now special love goes out to all my SF friends. Emily (specially), Ty, Charlie, Mikal, Judith, all new friends I made and to the old ones I didn't get to see " I'm Sorry! Next time!"

My plane descended upon the Bay Area in time to train it out to Oakland for Thee Oh Sees show. Number 2 in a week.Next night was a Halloween show that feateured some real cool times w/ Ty Segall ( as THE SPITS!), Nobunny ( as THE NEW YORK DOLLS!), Apache ( as THE DEAD BOYS!), Uzi Rash from NYC ( as THE STOOGES!), plus another band did The Undertones!!! It was hectic. It was epic. Somewhere in there was another Halloween show with the intense CULTURE KIDS! at some teensy record store!

So then another show I went to was Ty S. + Co.'s show in Berkeley at the Gilman. An all ages, straight edge, oldskool loft of a hole that Green Day's first band got their start in. ZULUS played again. Fucking rad. ROCK N ROLL ADVENTURE KIDS covered the g.d Coachwhips ( Ty helped out!), and High Castle are aaaaaawesome. Their drummer seriously rules.

Emily Rose and her roomie Michelle and I went to this rad venue/loft/apartment space called ENGINE WORKS to see the STRANGE BOYS after going to my girl from Toronto MICHONS MARIGOT's exhibit. She was part of a fashion competition at the SF Art Institute, and the dress she made featured a couple of photos PRINTED ON THE FABRIC. ideas!!!

It was a really quick unplanned and unscripted trip that was truly in Ivy L fashion, and I wouldn't change that one bit. Thanks again, guys. See y'all real soon.

←Dwyer, Delores Park + Michons Dress

← Ty + Charlie
←Ty + Emily n Mikal
←Apache + Uzi Rash!
← Nobunny + Monster Show w. Tara
← CRONIN! + Strange Boys