Jan 20, 2010

The Changing Face of Little Girls

What a ( less than a) year it's been for Little Girls. Nobody knew they'd grow into what I personally describe as the best band in Toronto. Well, the Top Five #1's that is. Don't ask me to narrow it down. The line-up changes have made the band into a different beat totally. They're way more evil sounding live- like what Roky Erickson records sound and feel like after he got out of the nuthouse. Y'know? That drippy LSD feel that segways into something near heroin but falls jut short of the coma? Where was I? (NOTE: I still love the original line-up boys, don't get me wrong Anthony, Andrew and Joseph are beyond super dudes)

Anyways, I've never been to Sneaks when there was a dance night going on. it was weird. There were red and green and white lasers dancing all over peoples backs and eyes and my instant thought was " what the fuck is going on?" and then it was " am i high?" Which is neither here nor there nor anywhere. The place was filled with uber Vice friendly chicks who didnt like to dance.

But whatever man, Little Girls are wicked. They're wild. and Fun. WWF 100%
Can't wait for SXSW! And Mexico. Yes Mexico.