Jan 21, 2010

DInosaur Jr In-Store at Sonic Boom?Yes. Amazing.

What can I say? It was fantastic, it was awesome, it was the best in store I've seen at Sonic Boom. My favorite at least. J Mascis is just a really wicked guitar player. Despite getting stuck in Toronto rush hour traffic and being surrounded in a corner of a basement by maybe 300 fans, the band pulled was totally solid. People had begun collecting for the show by about 5:30 PM, and then it was NUTS.

They played a ton of old stuff, and it was semi acoustic, so as not to blow the building apart ( I cant picture them lugging all thier amps down in the crowded basement), which was neat. Still a lot of crazy loud pedal usage though.

I heard they beat out Fucked Up for the capacity record, which is saying something. Oh also, for all those on the fence about going to SXSW this year, you should know that Fucked Up And Dinosaur Jr. are playing a showcase together. Rock on, oh yeah.

Seriously, great.

Photos! Also some photos of the Sonic Boom crew, before hand.


Hi Mark!
Dig it

What a good ploy on the parents part.

In the Store Front Window Display ( of the Farm album cover)
Display done by Tim Oakley

Oh yeah, I did it. I asked him for a photo.